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Disability Placards & License Plates

Disability plates and placards are available from Ayala Motor Vehicle Services. A completed application signed by your doctor will be required to process your request for a disability plate, and/or a permanent or temporary placard. The form is available here. You must have your doctor sign the form, before bringing it to us for processing. Note that medical reports or letters describing a disability are not acceptable. The form must be signed by an authorized medical physician, a Registered Nurse Practitioner (RNP or NP), or a hospital administrator.

A 100% disabled veteran may submit a copy of their certificate if 100% disability, issued by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs along with the application form, in lieu of the medical certification.

Applicants with a disability or hearing impaired plate or placard authorized by another state may include on the application the existing placard or plate number, and the state of issue, in lieu of the medical certification.

For organizations requiring disability plates for their vehicle, the form above must be completed so as to indicate that the vehicle is used primarily for transport of persons with physical disabilities.

A disability plate or permanent placard is issued when an individual has a permanent physical disability, or to an organization that owns or leases a motor vehicle that primarily transports persons with physical disabilities.

A temporary placard is issued when an individual has a temporary physical disability, as indicated on the application form by their authorized physician, Registered Nurse Practitioner (RNP or NP), or hospital administrator.

Some of the available disability plates are shown below, though this is not a complete listing of all plates. If you see a plate that you like on another one of our pages, just contact us to find out if it’s available in a disability plate. We’ll be more than happy to help you out! Some disability plates allow for personalization, but have fewer characters available for your text. Contact us if you’d like to personalize your disability plate. Disability plates are not available for trailers.


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