Brand New Vehicle Title & Registration

Ayala Motor Vehicle Services can help you with titling and registering your brand new vehicle. We are familiar with the documents and processes for brand new vehicles, which differ from used vehicle title transfers. Brand new vehicles are issued MCO's (Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin) instead of titles when they are delivered to the dealer by the manufacturer. The first person or private company to purchase the vehicle will be the first title holder for the vehicle. The MCO is surrendered to MVD when you title a brand new vehicle for the first time.

A manufacturers certificate of origin (MCO) is the birth certificate document of any vehicle issued by all vehicle manufacturers (Ford, GMC, Honda, etc) and is sent to the licensed dealership for every vehicle the dealership purchases. This document is used by the dealership as the ownership document, when the vehicle is sold to the consumer.

An MCO will have the following information:

An MCO can be reassigned from one dealer to another, until all reassignment fields are completed, at which time the dealer must take title to the vehicle. Once a sale takes place to a private individual or company, title must be established in the purchaser's name.

On the front of the MCO, you should find the following information:

The back of the MCO will show: