Special Interstate Registrations (SPI)

A Special Interstate Registration (SPI) is for a vehicle that is titled and registered in another state, and is owned by a non-resident who conducts business between his/her home state and Arizona. An Arizona title will not be issued to the owner/operator, and they will retain their out-of-state registration. Vehicles must meet Arizona's requirements for registration, and an SPI will not be issued to a vehicle which is eligible to be titled in the state of Arizona.

The following circumstances are eligible for an SPI:

In addition to all other registration requirements, the applicant must submit satisfactory evidence that the vehicle is currently titled in another state. When an out-of-state resident owns the vehicle, the applicant must present a notarized power of attorney from the out-of-state owner, authorizing the applicant to register the vehicle in Arizona.

The names that appear on the SPI record will exactly match the names that appear on the out-of-state registration document. When the out-of-state registration document lists a lessee that is not the current lessee, the out-of-state title must be submitted to Arizona MVD. An Arizona title in the name of the lessor will be issued, and the current lessee will be indicated as the registrant (at the option of the lessor). The Lessor Authorization Form (form # 40-0207) will be required in order to indicate the lessee as the registrant.

For the purposes of issuing an SPI, the following clarifications have been made by MVD: