Personalized Arizona License Plates

Personlized Arizona License PlatesAt Ayala Motor Vehicle Services, we can assist you with ordering your very own custom license plates! You can check here to see if the personalized plate you want is availalbe, and order at our location. Processing typically takes 6-8 weeks, and your personalized plates are mailed to your vehicle's registered address.

A one-time application fee is charged when you purchase your personalized Arizona license plate. An additional fee is also charged at each registration renewal for the vehicle. If you are choosing to personalize a special plate, Arizona charges a fee for the personalization, and a fee for the special plate, at each renewal.

You can choose to personalize a standard plate (up to 7 characters), or choose from any of the designs below. Note that some plates have fewer available character spaces... feel free to contact us to see if your personal text will fit on the plate you want, or if you have any other questions about personalized Arizona license plates.

The following plates require certain criteria. (i.e. you must be a Veteran to purchase a Veteran plate, or have a HAM Radio license to purchase the Amateur Radio Operator plate.)
Gold Star Family Plate Gold Star Family - Motorcycle Plate AZ Amateur Radio Operator
Veteran License Plate Veteran - Motorcycle Plate Purple Heart Plate Purple Heart - Motorcycle Plate