Level 1 Inspections for Motor Homes & RVs

Ayala Motor Vehicle Services is authorized to provide Level I inspection services at our Tempe, Arizona office location, or by appointment on-site at your location. We can inspect your motor home or RV on-site at your location, or at our Tempe, Arizona office. Level I inspections are sometimes required for motor homes or RVs, to correct an incorrect VIN. On pre-1980 RVs and motor homes, the VIN number may have been recorded incorrectly. Prior to 1980, the motor coach number was sometimes recorded as the VIN. These Level I inspections are required to verify the actual VIN, and correct the MVD records accordingly.

A vehicle inspection may be required for many reasons, some of which include:

What are we looking for? Some of the items we will be looking at include, but may not be limited to:


If you would like additional information about the abandoned vehicle process, you may call our office to speak with one of our agents.