Level 1 Inspections for Homemade Trailers

Ayala Motor Vehicle Services is authorized to provide Level I inspection services at our Tempe, Arizona office location, or by appointment on-site at your location. If you need us to come to your location for an inspection on your homemade trailer, Contact us to schedule your appointment.

A level I inspection is required when titling and/or registering a homemade trailer for the first time. A homemade trailer requires an Arizona Serial Number, which is an identification number issued by the state of Arizona, and becomes the VIN for that vehicle. The serial number can be obtained from any MVD office or an Authorized Third Party provider, like Ayala Motor Vehicle Services.

Arizona defines a homemade trailer as not shop made or mass produced by a manufacturer, but constructed by an individual from various materials, for example:


All components used to construct the trailer must be listed on the AZ Special Serial Number Application. The total value of the trailer, and the weight (plus it's load) of the trailer must be provided by the customer. It is recommended to keep all receipts for materials used to construct the trailer, at least until the customer has titled and/or registered it. Homemade trailers with a value exceeding $1000.00 must provide receipts for the materials used to construct it. Required equipment for homemade trailers must be present on the trailer to pass inspection. The following items are considered required equipment: