Duplicate Registration

When a registration is lost, destroyed, or mutilated, customers may obtain a duplicate registration for their vehicle. The process is fairly simple to obtain a duplicate registration. A person entitled to the registration may come into our third party office, visit or call an Arizona MVD office, or visit servicearizona.com to complete the process electronically. The expiration date will be identical to the lost, destroyed, or mutilated registration.

Arizona Vehicle Registration

A duplicate registration may be issued for any vehicle which has a currently valid registration. Also, there must not be any prohibitive actions or codes on the customer's MVD record, or the vehicle's MVD record. A duplicate registration may only be picked up by the registered owner, a family member with the same last name and address as the registered owner, or by using a notarized Power of Attorney form from the registered owner. Alternatively, the duplicate registration may also be mailed to the registered owner, but only at the address on file for that owner.

Customers will be required to show ID in our office, or in the Arizona MVD offices. To complete the process on servicearizona.com, specific information about the registered owner, and the vehicle must be provided. The cost to obtain a duplicate registration is minimal, ($4.00 as of the date of writing) and a small convenience fee is added when this service is performed in our office.

When a customer is obtaining a duplicate title and registration in the same transaction, the fee Arizona MVD charges for the duplicate registration is waived, however our convenience fee is not. When obtaining a replacement license plate, a duplicate registration is also generated. A new license plate tab automatically printed, at no additional cost.