5-Year Certified Driving Record (MVR)

Authorized Third Party Providers like Ayala Motor Vehicle Services, are authorized to provide motor vehicle and driving records, to eligible individuals and entities. An MVR can contain a printout of an individual's driving record, or a specific vehicle record, depending on the type requested. Information is released only in accordance with the Federal Driver's Privacy Protection Act (18 USC 2721-2725).

The FDPPA requires individuals or entities to have a "permissable use" when requesting and receiving any MVD records that contain personal identifying information, such as a person's driver license photo, social security number, driver license number, name, address, and medical disability information. The Motor Vehicle Request Form (#46-4416) lists all "permissable" uses. The customer's signature on the form must be witnessed by a notary public, or an MVD agent.

Individuals may give their express consent for the release of their Motor Vehicle Records information to any person or entity who is not otherwise authorized to receive this information. To authorize the release of this information, one of the two forms must be completed, in addition to the Motor Vehicle Request Form (#46-4416).

Under no circumstances may a person's verbal agreement to the release of their MVR be treated as sufficient to authorize the release of an MVR. Ayala Motor Vehicle Services will not release any information by telephone. Customers who would like to request the status of their suspensions, revocations, and court information on their records, may contact the Motor Vehicle Division's Communications Unit. They can be reached at (602) 255-0072 in the Phoenix area, at (520) 629-9808 in the Tucson area, or at (800) 251-5866 in any other areas.

Identification is required for each and every Motor Vehicle Record request. Each requester, including a private individual requesting another person's record, must provide proof of identification. Ayala Motor Vehicle Services will not be able to process your MVR request for another individual's records, without positive identification. If an individual is requesting their own MVR and does not have acceptable identification, as long as they are able to complete the Motor Vehicle Record Request form, the records may be mailed to the address on record (only).

Motor Vehicle Records come in two formats: Restricted; and Non-Restricted. When completing the Motor Vehicle Record Request form, the selection of the applicable permissible use will dictate whether you will receive a Restricted or Non-Restricted MVR.

Non-Restricted MVRs

These records contain personal information such as name, address, customer record number (driver license number), social security number, medical or disability information, and may include a digital photo image. This information may be released to requesters using the following permissive uses:

Restricted MVRs

These records contain limited personal information, such as name, address and customer record number (driver license number), and may be released to requesters using the following permissible uses:

For more information, or if you have any questions concerning your eligibility to receive a particular MVR, please contact our office. We will be more than happy to assist you.